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    Karthago RecordsKarthago records is one of the labels which we ar epic metal net like to call true metal labels. all of its bands are close to perfection. very good releases and more importantly back to 80s style . Stefan Riermaierin this Interview analyses the today’s metal scene, and provides tips for new bands. so lets go to the interview’…



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Forevers Fallen Grace - Herald of Twilight (8.5/10)

Album Review
United States (USA)
Year of the Release
Track List
1. Quelling of the Dawn 2. Graves are the Footsteps of Angels 3. And I Languish 4. Sodden With the Blood of Tragedies 5. The Damnationist 6. Goliath's Pain 7. Crestfallen
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Buy the CD
editors rating
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Band Line Up
Ken McKee - guitars & keys Michael Ferro - vocals Belchior DeMelo - drums Frank B. - bass
Article Date
paradise lost and the rest kings of doom metal
Doom Metal,Epic Metal
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Forevers Fallen Grace - Herald of Twilight (8.5/10)
As I have stated in this website a number of times epicmetal.net is means of discovering new metal jewels. Many bands which we never heard of posted their albums and many of them impressed us. forever’s fallen grace  and their album  Herald of Twilight are one of those positive moments,   Doom Epic Metal  Straight from USA. Forever’s fallen grace have impressed me. Their album has attention to details and the doom atmosphere is present from beginning. The band really manages to combine the Doom metal with Epic Metal features which will satisfy many of you especially the fans of doom and epic metal.   This is the fourth recording of the band, it contains 7 songs, all in a doom metal range with epic metal elements, with some very good vocals from the singer of the band which in sometimes are supported and by a female vocalists. The guitars  especially the heavy doom riffs, and the piano all do a good job in keeping the doom metal air of the album. The only downside was the production which I believe they could have make a better job but who cares!!! Their music is excellent. the song  the damnationist is an excellent piece of epic doom metal – and definetly one of the highlights of the album   We found this album to be  very positive touch of doom epic metal , forever’s fallen grace album  Herald of Twilight I wont say more do your selves a favor and buy the album which we highlighly recommend. You support a great doom epic metal band and more importantly you add another jewel to your album collection


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